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Contact Directory

Contact Us: (859) 233-4500

After Hours Lost/Stolen Credit Card: 800-264-4274


Mark Herren(859) 233-8906MLO #478796


Bill Allen(859) 233-8909MLO #478794


Jane Fraebel(859) 233-8917

Chief Lending Officer

Artie Ford(859) 685-3046MLO #478798

EVP, Secretary of the Board, Shareholder Relations:

Ellen Louise Jett Mills(859) 233-8930

Branch Managers:

Kim Noble, VP
101 E. High Street
(859) 233-8935MLO #613244
Bobby Jones, VP
215 Southland Drive
(859) 233-8937MLO #478795
Debbie Jackson, AVP
215 Southland Drive
(859) 233-8902

Wealth Management: Director of Wealth Management

Jerry M. Johnson, SVP(859) 233-8903
W. Kelly Montgomery, AIF®, V.P., Senior Portfolio Manager(859) 280-3847
Jeff Schriefer, VP CTFA(859) 233-8929

Financial Services: Insurance & Investment Manager

Tim Franklin, VP(859) 233-8933

Financial Advisor

Marti Weeks, IPI(859) 233-8934

Relationship Officers-Commercial/Consumer Loans:

Bobby Jones, VP(859) 233-8937MLO #478795
Chris Boaz, VP(859) 280-3840MLO #478799
Kim Noble, VP(859) 233-8935MLO #613244
Chris French, AVP-specializing in SBA Lending(859) 685-3058MLO# 1151173

Relationship Officers-Home Loans: Home Loan Coordinator

Josh Harman, VP(859) 233-8922MLO #339904
Chris Boaz, VP(859) 280-3840MLO #478799

Relationship Bankers-Deposits:

Stacy Mills, VP Deposit Officer(859) 280-3853
Lisa Clemons(859) 233-8910
Laura Haley(859) 685-3055

Customer Service Associate:

Charlotte Mabley(859) 685-3044
High Street Tellers(859) 233-8921
Southland Drive Tellers(859) 280-3842

Head Bookkeeper; AVP and Security Officer

Joan Sypolt, AVP(859) 233-8931

Chief IT Officer

Ross Williams, VP(859) 280-3844

Managed Assets:

Terry Hayes, VP(859) 685-3050MLO #774659


Karen Whitman, VP(859) 280-3850

Human Resources:

Sallylyn Williams, Manager(859) 233-8901