Purpose and Your Health in Retirement

Aug 16, 2016 | Wealth Management

Why are some retirees busy, energetic  healthy and happy while others of the same age or younger have lower energy, fragile health and are more depressed?   Popular culture would suggest money is the key.  And, while sufficient money in retirement is important and fruits of good planning, I contend it is not the primary driver of a person’s overall health and happiness in retirement and into older years.    There is one thing that is more important than money when it comes to health and happiness as we age:  purpose.   Having a strong sense of purpose has been linked to better overall physical, emotional and mental health and research has shown it can be a paramount difference between those folks who flourish as they age and those that seem to wither away.  One reason for better overall health comes from  this study which found that those with a greater feeling of purpose were more likely to keep up with the important preventative care tests which help reduce the chances of larger medical problems.  Further, this study from the Journal of Psychosomatic Research found that those with a greater purpose had less incidence of stroke while other research showed that older persons with a greater purpose in life were less likely to have Alzheimer’s Disease.

Purpose is for you to decide.  For some it is a good hobby while for others it may be friends, kids, grandkids,  gardening or a book club.  Many seniors are now turning to Uber for that purpose and extra cash.  Whatever that purpose is, it needs to be nurtured as research shows it can be the key to better physical, emotional  and mental health.

I am blessed to have a great group of retired clients.  They are all happy, active and healthy.  At first I wanted to attribute this to them having a great financial advisor : ).  However, the real answer is they all share one thing: great purpose.

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