Sweat the Small Stuff

Jun 16, 2015 | Wealth Management

We have all been told not to “sweat the small stuff”.  And, adherence to this adage can serve you well in many instances.  However, regarding your estate plan, it is vital that you “sweat the small stuff”.  Consider the estate of Robin Williams.  On many fronts, Mr. Williams had a well thought-out estate plan.  But, enter his children, his third wife and a tuxedo and you now have a good old fashioned Hollywood Perry Mason court battle.   All parties are agreed on the big ticket items such as the real estate, but this battle is over stuff-stuff with greater sentimental value than monetary value. 

Many people plan for an orderly distribution of the higher dollar items such as stocks, business interests and real estate.  However, many fail to plan for the smaller, tangible personal property that may have a larger sentimental value than economic value.  So, in your estate planning, be sure to sweat the small stuff.  A qualified estate planning attorney can help lead the way.   If you don’t sweat the small stuff now, you may leave a big mess later.

On a different note, the family battle over the BB King estate is just beginning.



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