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Switch Kit

    Time for a change.

    You deserve a bank that's in the business of helping people. Helping you switch banks is just the beginning. We treat every Bank of the Bluegrass customer like they are important, because they are.

    Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to helping customers. Let us show you by helping you switch banks.

    Once you've opened your new Bank of the Bluegrass checking account, you'll want to leave enough in your existing account to cover your outstanding items.

    Bring a bank statement with you, so that we can get started in identifying and notifying the companies that handle your automatic deposit and withdrawals. With your authorization, we'll redirect those deposits and withdrawals to your new account with us. Click here to preview the switch kit (PDF) so you'll know what information is required.

    Once you've verified that all of your automatic deposits and withdrawals and started on your new Bank of the Bluegrass account, you can close your other account.