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John Sensenig, owner of John’s Run Walk Shop had this to say about his experience with Bank of the Bluegrass:


“I first started banking with Bank of the Bluegrass through my connection with Tom Bloemer about 20 years ago.”

“When I had the opportunity to expand my business into my present location here on Ashland Street, I approached the bank I’d been doing business with about financing and found the process to be complicated and impersonal. Since Tom had been encouraging me to switch banks, I decided to give him a call.”

“Tom was very straight forward, the loan process was uncomplicated and doing business with the bank was easy. “

“I bank with Mark Herren now that Tom is gone and still receive the same straight forward, uncomplicated service. No hidden fees, no surprises.”

“I’ve been in business for over 35 years and Bank of the Bluegrass has been instrumental in helping me grow my business with everything from purchasing property, to buying inventory and supporting operations. Why shop rates when you have a banking relationship you can trust with people that will do right by you.”

John’s Run Walk Shop can be found at 317 S. Ashland Avenue or at their newest location at 3735 Palomar Centre Drive.

To learn more about John’s visit their Facebook page at

Letha and Michael Drury, owners of South Hill Gallery

Letha and Michael Drury, owners of "South Hill Gallery" have been fans and customers of Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co., since Michael purchased “The Gallery” in 2001. As Mike says, “My experience with Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co., began when I worked for “The Gallery” prior to purchasing the business. Being a local bank with local decision making seemed to make getting a loan with Bank of the Bluegrass easier.”

Letha tells us, “It’s been a partnership every step of the way and we especially like working with our Loan Officer, Chris Boaz. We’ve made changes over the years, including our relocation to 1401 Versailles Road, renovations and later an expansion in the back of our building. Prior to that expansion, Mike would work in the shop all day and come home to cut framing by night. Expanding our space has allowed us to work more efficiently, focus time on business innovations and enjoy some time to pursue other interests, like opening Bluegrass Grills, selling the Big Green Egg™. We relied on the Bank of the Bluegrass to help us set up our new business account along with credit card processing.“ Letha is Treasurer of the KY/TN Professional Picture Framers Association and uses BOB for the associational checking account.

Mike agrees, “Last year was our best year ever. We were especially busy during the holiday season and would not have been able to meet all of our commitments in time, had it not been for having the backroom on premise."

Find the Drury’s at South Hill Gallery located at 1401 Versailles Road, Lexington, Ky.

To learn more about them at

Ken Silvestri, President of SILVESTRI-CRAIG Realtors

Ken Silvestri, a native Lexingtonian, is President of SILVESTRI-CRAIG Realtors. Ken has been a leader in the real estate community since 1990. His driving obsession is to be the best at 'just one thing'…Commercial Real Estate.

Ken has this to say about Bank of the Bluegrass, “What a pleasure it is to do business with you at Bank of the Bluegrass.”

“I was having coffee at Starbucks with a friend this morning and found myself ranting about how fantastic your bank is.”

“It’s becoming increasingly rare these days to find banking professionals that do the simple things; return calls and make it easy to close a loan. Thanks for making life good by helping us with your great service. I’m a raving fan.”

Ken Silvestri’s consistent performance has earned him recognition as ‘Commercial Broker of the Decade’ for 2002-2012 according to the Lexington Bluegrass Association of Realtors.

Ken is a 1976 Eagle Scout and a graduate of the Dale Carnegie course. He has been a repeat speaker at the University of Kentucky on sales, marketing and sales psychology. He will be married 30 years to his wife Tammy in May…his most revered and significant achievement.

When you need a Commercial Realtor, you can find Ken and his team at SILVESTRI-CRAIG Realtors at 3292 Eagle View Lane, Suite 350, Lexington, KY 40509 or calling the office at (859) 263-2300

Email Ken at