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Osborne Contracting

I’m Jennifer Osborne. My husband, Sean, and I have owned Osborne Contracting for about 15 years. We’re a general contractor and do just about anything from commercial building maintenance to adding office space. When COVID-19 hit, we reached out to our credit union for help with a PPP loan, but they couldn’t help us.  

I remembered Corey Zacher and Matthew Robertson from Bank of the Bluegrass had stopped by recently, so I gave them a call. Matthew was able to answer all my questions, and Corey promptly got us started with our new Bank of the Bluegrass account. Using their technology, our loan application was processed efficiently, and we had our loan proceeds more than a month before a neighboring business was able to get started with their bank! Bank of the Bluegrass has provided step-by-step guidance throughout this loan process, making it very easy. I can truly say the people at Bank of the Bluegrass work for their customers.