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"BBR: What could your business do with an extra $1800?" hand holding Bank of the Bluegrass business debit card


Earn rewards with the future of business banking, Bluegrass Business Rewards— the proprietary, patent-pending cash-back checking account designed just for small businesses, only available at Bank of the Bluegrass.



Ready to get rewarded for simply running your business?
Bluegrass Business Rewards was made for you.

If you’d like us to contact you regarding Bluegrass Business Rewards, please complete the form below. We look forward to connecting with you about this exciting new account!



    What could your business do with an extra $1,800/year*?


    • Renew football season tickets
    • Update/replace equipment
    • Buy 4 more salon chairs
    • Upgrade your tool set
    • Take a continuing education course
    • Pay for a year’s worth of social media ads
    • Invest in your retirement
    • Finally take that weekend getaway


    * Upon reaching a minimum of $2,000 in monthly debit card spend, account would be eligible to earn 1% cash back on qualifying debit card purchases. Max Reward: $150/month. Restrictions and qualifications may apply.


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    What is Bluegrass Business Rewards?

    When our small business clients asked about banking products designed specifically for them, we couldn’t find a solution anywhere in the country, so we made our own:  Bluegrass Business Rewards (BBR).

    With BBR commercial checking account, you can earn 1% cash back on qualifying debit card purchases, making your business spending work for you.

    bearded male business owner in a blue sweatshirt holding a fan of 100 dollar bills

    Get rewards simply for running your business.

    BBR puts money where it belongs—back in your pocket.

    Convenient, best-in-class technology and rewards for simply running your business… If only all of life were this simple.


    Benefits of Banking Bluegrass

    When you choose Bank of the Bluegrass, you’re not only getting cash rewards. You get extra perks like:

    • Major benefits of relationship banking
    • Major benefits of banking locally
    • Convenient-to-use mobile app with features – integration with Quickbooks® & other platforms, additional users, and mobile check deposit



    You’ll Also Receive

    We understand that running a business can be challenging, and that’s why we provide complimentary services such as

    • Online & Mobile Banking
    • Online Bill Pay and Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments
    • Mobile Check Deposit
    • Instant-Issue Debit Cards
    • E-Statements with online check images
    • EZSwitch concierge service powered by Clickswitch®
    • Digital Wallet with Apple®, Samsung®, and Google Pay
    • Access to over 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint® ATMs nationwide
    • And a variety of fraud-prevention products and services.

    Ancillary services are subject to additional terms and conditions and/or fees including internet provider and data charges.



    Is Bluegrass Business Rewards right for me?


    You're a small business owner(s), including single-member LLCs, Partnerships and DBAs. You're an average consumer – you can earn rewards with one of our personal or Kasasa® checking accounts.
    You use your debit card as a primary means of payment. You rarely, if ever, swipe your debt card. You can't even remember where you put it. *covered in dust and crumbs in the back corner of your desk drawer
    You use digital banking every month. Don’t use digital banking. Paper only, please!
    You regularly place supply & inventory orders . Don’t worry – we have other business solutions if this isn't a good fit Learn More.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What are the qualifiers to avoid the $15 monthly service charge?

    The $15 monthly service charge is waived with a $5,000 average collected balance and minimum 10 debit card transactions per month (no minimum spend required).


    How can the account holder earn rewards?

    Rewards are paid upon reaching a minimum of $2,000 in debit card spend (ATM transactions are not included). These transactions must post and settle to the account prior to the statement cycle cut date. Pending transactions will not count towards reward totals until they are posted to the account. Clients can earn anywhere from $20-$150 per month ( max of $1,800 per year).


    What is the statement cycle for BBR accounts?

    BBR accounts will be set up under the same statement cycle as our other DDA business offerings, with an EOM statement cut. A new statement cycle will begin on the 1st of each month. This feature is locked within our account opening platform to maintain consistency.


    When are the rewards paid?

    Rewards on the BBR will be paid on the last day of the statement cycle/EOM.


    How will the rewards be displayed on the statement?

    Monthly rewards will show with description: COMMERCIAL REWARDS.


    Do account holders receive an auto-qualify month, as consumer account holders receive with Kasasa®?

    BBR accounts will not “auto qualify” for rewards on the month of enrollment. They must reach the minimum spend of $2,000 within the statement cycle for rewards to begin accruing. Debit card purchase made while under a different account type (for existing clients who may convert) are not counted towards reward totals, only those initiated under the BBR account type will count.


    If an account is opened mid-cycle, will a service charge apply if the balance is below $5,000 or the account holder has less than 10 debit card transactions?

    New accounts have a 30 day service charge waiver in place to prevent an account from incurring service charges if opened mid cycle. The first full statement cycle the account is active, the account is eligible to incur a monthly service charge if the minimum qualifiers are not met. For accounts being converted, service charges will be waived through the remainder of the statement cycle and will go into effect on the start of the next statement cycle.


    Can a business open more than one BBR account?

    The BBR offering is limited to one account per TIN.


    Are the rewards taxable?

    Reward Offerings may be subject to income or other taxes. Any applicable federal, state, or local tax obligations related to participation in the Bluegrass Business Rewards account are the account holders responsibility. Accountholders should consult a tax advisor concerning any such income or other tax consequences. As the rewards are paid in the form of cash back and not interest, the bank is not obligated to provide a 1099 tax statement.

    Additional terms and conditions and/or fees may apply.



    Ready to get rewarded for simply running your business?
    Bluegrass Business Rewards was made for you.

    If you’d like us to contact you regarding Bluegrass Business Rewards, please complete the form below. We look forward to connecting with you about this exciting new account!