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2022-Bank of the Bluegrass celebrates its 50th Anniversary as a bank, with an additional 36 years as a family-owned business in downtown Lexington. We’ve been in the downtown building since 1945.

2021-Bill Allen was appointed CEO and Tom Greinke was chosen as bank President (Mark H. Herren remains Chairman of the Board.) This was a deliberate process, strategically planned for succession and took years of coordination.

Image of the 3rd bank branch, located at 361 Romany Rd., Lexington, Ky.

2019-The 3rd location at 361 Romany Road was opened on October 24th and a new logo was unveiled.

Bill Allen was President.

Expansion took place on Southland Drive with the addition of the Operations Center.

2014-Bank of the Bluegrass mobile app debut.

2009-Expansion took place when we moved into the boardroom and remaining upstairs area in Southland.

2004-Mayme Jett passed away.

picture of a bank

2003-The bank’s 1st branch at 215 Southland Drive opened (September 13th), growing to employ more than 60 individuals. During his tenure as bank president, Monroe Jett, son of Charley Jett, III, the branch was approved and constructed.

Monroe Jett was President.

Construction on Southland began in January.

2000-Mark H. Herren was elected as Chairman of the Board, upon the passing of Charles H. Jett III. He was chosen before Charles passed away. Also a deliberate choice as part of our strategic succession planning process.

1997-Mark H. Herren was elected as CEO. Jett Building renovation completed, adding a third drive-up lane, a redesigned, spacious parking lot and more.

1995/2000-Sold off Jett Insurance.

1989-Monroe Jett graduated from UK in June, Ellen started a little before.

Image of Charles Jett III

1983-Charles H. Jett III became Chairman of the Board and CEO, when founder Charles H. Jett, Jr. passed. Charles H. Jett, III was CEO before Jr. passed.

Tom Bloemer was President.

Focused primarily on consumer, then commercial, then houses-our original clients were people that were installing the appliances- plumbers, electricians, and HVAC folks that were our original connections. A lot of these people are still customers today.

1982-Bluegrass Bancshares, Inc., a one bank holding company, was formed to hold 100% of the bank’s stock. The importance of the holding company was to prevent hostile takeover attempts to protect the independence of the bank. Because there’s a holding company and shareholders’ agreement that states the stocks are sold back to the bank at book value, only the holding company can offer the purchase of the shares, not individual shareholders. That’s the key to preventing the bank from unwelcome purchase offers.

Trust Department grew substantially when a $40M client was brought in.

Charles Jett Jr. passed away.


1981-The bank’s name was amended to Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co., when Trust Services were added.

Graphic image of the bank

1973-The vault, with the drive-up facility at the back of the High Street building, was constructed. We were on the register for historic locations in Lexington, and when the Bluegrass Trust of historic buildings was given the authority to review improvements to historic buildings, we chose to opt out of being a member so that we could make the necessary improvements to add the vault and drive-up.

1972-April 10, A commercial bank charter was obtained, and the name was amended to Bank of the Bluegrass, Inc., employing eight people. This is the day Bank of the Bluegrass was born! $2M in collateral $10/share. Took deposits and became a full-service bank.

Charles Jett, Jr., Chairman of the Board and CEO.

Ellen, David & Monroe would steal the pennies off of the “free sample cards” and go buy gum.

1966-The corporation developed the basic financial structure of a bank, which meant that the business was no longer dependent on other banks for financing.

1962-The profit-sharing plan was developed 10 years before the bank was opened.

1959-The company began to focus on certificates of investment, changing the name of Preferred Credit Corporation to “Preferred Thrift and Loan, Inc.” This began the basic financial structure for the bank to come.

FUN FACT: Charley Jett, III graduated from UK in 1956 with a degree in mechanical engineering and built bridges. In fact, he designed the internal shoot (dumbwaiters) at the downtown branch, which is still functional today.

1956-Sold retail portion & industrial loans, created Preferred Credit Corporation for small loans.

1947-January 31, After 11 years in business, Jett’s Inc. became incorporated.

1945-1946-After returning from World War II, Mr. Jett, Jr. purchased the Jett building and completed the original renovations, remodeling the ground level and first floor.

Image of the Jett Building housing Jett Appliances

1942-Mrs. Mayme Bush Jett temporarily took over management of the business when her husband, Mr. Jett, Jr. enlisted in the army Air Corp during World War II, receiving a commission of First Lieutenant. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7th, Charles Jett, Jr. placed an order for 2 boxcars of appliances, which Mayme “Dee Dee” Bush Jett rented out during the war. Washing machines, full appliances…financing was more lucrative.

1936-Charles H. Jett, Jr. purchased the Servel Electrolux Gas Refrigerator franchise and business from his father and opened a new store in downtown Lexington. He soon began offering financing options to customers.

1935-With the advancement of technology, kerosene evolved into gas, and a Servel Electrolux Gas Refrigerator franchise was obtained. Originally it was across the street from Lynn Imaging on Old Vine St. in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

Image featuring Electrolux Gas Refrigerators

1933-Charles H. Jett, Sr. obtained a franchise for Servel Kerosene Refrigerators for Lexington & Central Kentucky at Farmer’s supply.

1928-Great-grandfather, Charles H. Jett, Sr., opens Farmer’s Supply on Vine St. & Rose. He also had a farm in Danville.

1820-The historic Jett Building at 101 E. High Street, where Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. resides today, was built.