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Bank of the Bluegrass announces executive leadership transitions

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Important Announcement!

President Bill Allen to become CEO August 31, 2021 as part of planned succession

CEO Mark R. Herren will remain Chairman of the Board

SVP Tom Greinke to assume role of President

Letter from Mark:

Dear clients and friends,

I would like to take the opportunity to inform you personally about the leadership transitions happening at Bank of the Bluegrass this year.

Effective September 1, I will shift into a single role as Chairman of the Board, and will pass the title of CEO on to my right-hand man of 17 years, Bill Allen. Tom Greinke will succeed Bill as the bank president.

This is a culmination of many years of planning. We carefully considered how to honor and retain our culture of service and integrity amongst each other and our customers, and I am proud of the commitment Bill and Tom share to these values. I want to assure you the entire team of dedicated employees at Bank of the Bluegrass will continue to provide you with the same personal service you have been accustomed to receiving.

It’s not without a touch of sadness that I leave the role of CEO. Still, after 33 years of working here full-time, I look forward to having more time for family and friends. I will still be an active part of this bank, and I look forward to watching our younger employees continue their growth and development as I continue my role as Chairman of the Board.

I have been blessed to have had such a close relationship with my customers. It has been a true pleasure assisting them in the purchase of a home or property, or watching them grow their business. I thank each of you for allowing me to play a small part in your successes. I am grateful for these moments with all of you and look forward to continuing to watch our Bank of the Bluegrass family make moments like these possible. Your success and friendship are what has made my career meaningful.

I am most proud of the quality of our employees and our management team, and their commitments to our mission statement. I feel pleased to know they remain eager to serve you with all of your banking needs.

Congratulations to Bill and Tom on their promotions! I am very proud to have these two gentlemen at our bank. Lastly, I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work with each of you and pray that God blesses you in the coming years.


Mark Herren