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Connie Graham Promoted to Senior Vice President Operations Officer

Connie Graham Image

Bank of the Bluegrass is proud to announce Connie Graham’s promotion from Vice President Finance Operations Officer to the Senior Vice President Operations Officer, which was effective November 1.


Connie has worked in banking for 40 years and has been with Bank of the Bluegrass for 14 of those years. She worked at a local bank in her hometown of Mount Vernon, Kentucky, for 22 years, before relocating to work in Lexington with Bank of the Bluegrass.


Connie has two grown children and 5 grand children who she describes as ‘the light of her life’. “It’s true what they say, you should have grandkids first,” said Connie. Both of her children live in Lexington and spending time with family is her favorite thing to do.


Throughout her time in the banking world, Connie has worked in many different positions, but operations is where she found her niche. She has been in financial operations positions, as well as overseen many duties throughout the bank, large and small. She is now in the SVP Operations role and can be described as the one to call when you don’t know who to call.


“I enjoy it a lot. From the day-to-day activities of making sure our processes and procedures are running as smoothly as possible, to exploring new technologies and opportunities for the bank, to the comradery I feel with my fellow bankers,” said Connie.


Connie’s main duties include ensuring the programming and accesses for the bank are up to date and efficient, streamlining current procedures to make them easier and more functionable, as well as communicating with other employees to produce the best possible banking experience for clients of Bank of the Bluegrass.


“Bank of the Bluegrass is a great, great place to work. I really enjoy the family like feel that we have with one another within the bank,” said Connie, “Everyone is welcome.”


Please join us in welcoming Connie to her new role. Congratulations, Connie!