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“Fearless” Investing: How to pick a financial advisor as a female investor.

The image features two women standing side by side in front of a brick wall. The woman on the left has short blonde hair and is wearing a purple blouse and patterned skirt. She is smiling with her arms crossed. The woman on the right has shoulder-length brown hair and is wearing an orange top with puffed sleeves and a brown skirt. She is also smiling and has her arms crossed. Both women are standing confidently, and there is a green plant visible in the background on the right side of the image.


“Fearless” Investing:  How to pick a financial advisor as a female investor.

Move over, pop queens and quarterbacks. The real power couple is you and your financial advisor, working together to build women’s wealth across generations. We sat down with Beth Prewitt and Caroline French of Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. to learn how.


Q: “You need to calm down.” How do you stay centered amid financial chaos and reactive decision making?

Caroline (C):   Female clients have traditionally been underserved—women generally could not take out loans without a male co-signer until 1974, and the wealth management field has shown  an increasing demand for female leadership.

Beth (B):  You have to ignore the stock market day-trader mindset because getting caught up in the latest fads and instant gratification is a losing game for most people, and it can lead to a lot of anxiety. Having a financial advisor to discuss high-stress moments like inflation and market fluctuations can be a huge source of support in moments of crisis. What you don’t want to do is be reactive. We focus on long-term strategies that stay focused on the goals you’ve shared with us—not on making quick, risky gains.


Q: What are your “wildest dreams,” and how can your financial advisor help you achieve them?

C: It starts with openness and honesty about your goals and your current financial situation. Our most emotional asset is our money. There’s a reason why so many couples split because of finances.

B:  We’ll help you develop a plan that’s nimble, fluid, and flexible enough to adapt to your life. Whether you want to maximize your 401k, grow your business, buy your dream house, or send your kids to college, we can build a plan to make all these things possible. Once you and your advisor develop a plan, you want to meet at least annually and see how you’re tracking, and update it at least every five years.

C:  As things in your life change, your financial plan should change too. If you buy property, build a family, shift careers, or decide you want to retire early, talk to your advisor to make sure your plan shifts with you. This is where Wealth Management and Private Banking work together to coordinate daily banking with future financial planning.

B:  That’s how we build wealth from generation to generation. The first steps are always the hardest—but in a year, or five, or twenty, you’ll be so glad you did it. And when you have the right people in your court, you’re setting yourself up for success.


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Let us help you find your “end game.” Trust the “Best Bank in Town.” Come see Caroline, Beth, and the rest of the experts at Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Co. We’ll help you build a solid financial strategy that works for you. Are you “…ready for it?” Call (859) 233-4500 today!


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